Key Benefits

  • Reduction in evaporation up to 95%;
  • Reduction in algae growth – algae requires sunlight for photosynthesis;
    • Reduction in water treatment costs;
    • Mosquito (larvae) population in water reservoirs greatly mitigated, as the larvae’s main food sources (bacteria and algae) and formation thereof are reduced;
  • Determent of birds and other water dwelling fowl which also introduce algae forming bacteria;
  • 25 year lifespan (long term solution)
    • evaporation balls are recycled to manufacture new evaporation balls
    • no plastic pollution;
  • Quick and simple to install (as easy as dumping the balls into the water reservoir);
  • The balls are constantly rolling in the water, no build up of dust or algae on balls;
  • Adjusts to variation of the water reservoir level by spreading & stacking – resulting in a consistent coverage of the water reservoir;
  • Each ball floats with about 50% of the ball surface submerged (ballasted), preventing the ball from being blown out of the reservoir;
  • Acts as an insulating cover – due to the air space between the ballast (water in ball) and ball surface, it results in a minimal temperature differential;
  • Virtually maintenance free – cannot tear like conventional membrane covers
  • Extensive testing underway for more than 10 years already;
  • Unaffected by rain water;
  • Fast and effective solution to odour problems – can be used on waste water reservoirs;
  • Applications in Mining;
    • Reduced water consumption –lower carbon footprint;
    • Reduced Cost per ton of ore mined;
    • More water available for domestic use; and
  • Applications in Agriculture;
  • Reduced algae-related livestock diseases

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